Having the HVAC installed in the middle of the week

Having a central heating and cooling installed in the middle of the week can be rather rough if you do not work from home, but because you have to take a day off from your job and this could mean either no spend money for a day or if you are lucky you may have paid days off accumulated at your job.

I was pretty lucky that I had the accumulation to take a paid day off to get my brand new central heating and cooling unit delivered and installed by my local heating and cooling business, then the reason I chose middle of the week for an installation time was because on the weekends I really do not want to be bothered and on top of that, it cost more to have the heating and cooling supplier come out for anything on the weekend in the event they are even opened for anything other than emergency heating and cooling loft services! So I took the day off and had my central heating and cooling that was brand new installed.

I learned a lot too about Heating and A/C installation. It was really interesting to watch the heat and air conditioning experts from the heating and cooling supplier do all the work that needed to be done to get the brand new central heat and cooling unit into my home! Especially the way they removed the old central heating and cooling. It was a really interesting day to say the least. And I didn’t lose any money!

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