I don't like my neighbor

I don’t like my neighbor. The reason I don’t like my neighbor is because she is an old busy body. She is one of those types of people that’s always eager to get in everybody else’s business. I’ve always been the kind of person that just wants to be left alone. It’s almost like wanting to be left alone attracts all the people that refuse to leave you alone. When I first moved into the neighborhood I had only been living there for one week at the time. I had a heating and air conditioning technician come out because he was going to be installing my brand new heating and cooling system. I absolutely loved the house I bought but the problem was that the heating and AC that they had in the house was really old and outdated and it was going to need to be replaced. I already knew this in advance before I bought the house so I had already picked out a brand new HVAC unit and paid to have it installed by the heating and cooling professionals. When the heating and cooling professionals arrived at my house to perform the installation, I was meant to be with my neighbor who came outside her house to start complaining. She started complaining about all these heating and air conditioning workers being all over in the street and too close to her lawn. There was a team of several heating and AC technicians to perform my installation, however they were not even bothering her and they weren’t close to her yard. They were walking up my driveway and they were only in the street for a few minutes, which is when they first pulled in with their van. Then she started to tell me that I should choose a different heating and AC company and that I really should return my brand new HVAC system. We have not gotten along ever since that first day.


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