I gave washable air filters a try

When my husband brought up the idea of using washable air filters I will admit that when he first brought it up I did laugh at him.

I just couldn’t imagine a washable air filter being something that would actually work. I had used air filters for my heating and air conditioning system my entire life, and I’ve never even heard of a washable air filter. Handling the air filter with your heating and AC system is simple. You change them out every 3 months with a new clean filter and that’s it. You don’t wash them or reuse them and heating and AC filters are disposable. Reusing them wouldn’t even work anyway or so I thought. My husband convinced me to at least give it a try. I agreed but I’m still completely convinced that this wasn’t going to work. So he went down to this local heating and cooling corporation and picked up a few of these washable air filters. They cost more and I wasn’t happy about it but I was willing to give him a try for the experiment. We took out the disposable filters to replace them with washable filters instead. After 3 months when they were ready to be changed again I was expecting to take out the air filter to see it was completely filthy and have to change it out with a nice clean disposable one, I was surprised when I did attempt to wash the air filter as instructed the dirt came right off. The air filter then dried and was ready to be reused. I was amazed. Now the washable air filters are all we will use.

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