I space heater that never arrived

One of the great advantages of modern technology is being able to purchase things online.

  • However, like with anything there are pros and cons and you have to be careful when you’re shopping online.

While there are a lot of really great legitimate businesses out there that will sell you some really nice products for a good price there are also some people out there with not so great intentions and they’re looking to scam you just to make a quick buck. You have to watch out for these. I myself am a victim of being scammed. I was looking to buy a brand new HEPA filter online. I saw them at my local HVAC store but the heating and AC company in my area is kind of far away from where I live and I didn’t feel like making a trip down to the heating and air conditioning business. I figured I would just buy them online. Well since HEPA filters are the best of the best they can be a bit pricey sometimes. I was worried because I just figured I could maybe find a better price online and that is exactly what I did. I found a business that claimed to be a heating and cooling company that was selling their HVAC products dirt cheap. I should have known it was too good to be true but a place to order anyways. Well that was 3 months ago and now that website has disappeared off the internet. They took my money and never sent me anything. They were a scam from the start. Now I only go with trusted companies that I know and I’ve gone back to shopping at my local heating and AC business again.

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