My fiance hid the window air conditioner

When I came lake lake house from work this afternoon the 1 thing that I was genuinely looking forward to was resting down on the couch and enjoying some cool air for my window air conditioning unit, but i am using a window AC instead of my central air conditioning idea because recently my heating and cooling bills have went up significantly, and I think why this is this is because of how hot the temperatures have been and I do not want to spend extra money on cooling so I have been using window air conditioning idea to try to save money.

I was hot and hot, the entire drive lake lake house the automobile was genuinely hot because even the AC in the automobile wasn’t enough to cool myself and others down.

So I was genuinely just looking forward to turning on some Netflix and seeing some TV and relaxing. I looked over to where the window AC was this afternoon, only to see that it was no longer there. I was so used to being there that I didn’t even look straight at it and it just reached my hands over to turn it on and felt for the button. It was only when my hand meant empty air that I realized that it wasn’t there and so all that it was missing. I went up and looked all over the lake house for it however I couldn’t find it, however my fiance wasn’t lake lake house yet so I couldn’t ask her. I decided instead of waiting for her to get lake lake house I would call her and ask if she did it. I went down in the basement to get something that I realized my fiance was already home! She got lake lake house early and had hid from myself and others because she wanted to use it herself all day. I made her share it.



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