Residential leasing can become expensive.

When looking for a place to rent, the real estate agent took me to the apartments I had already found, but she also showed me residential properties that were available for leasing.

  • I didn’t mind signing a lease, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be at the same location a year from now.

The company I worked for only guaranteed six months in this area, and if I signed a residential lease for a year, I would be responsible for the payment of the last six months. I preferred to either take out a six-month lease, or stay with a month-to-month agreement. My real estate agent insisted that residential leasing was the way to go, because it protected me and the people who were leasing the apartments. I had to admit that the apartment she was showing me was beautiful, but it was much too large for my needs. When I began reading the residential leasing agreements, I couldn’t believe how expensive they were. It was overwhelming when I read I had to give them a 90 day notice before moving out, when I thought a 30 day notice was normal. I needed to pay first and last month’s rent, along with a fee to cover any damages that may occur while I was living in the apartment, and the equivalent of a month’s rent to pay the real estate agent. I thanked her for her help, but I knew I didn’t need a real estate agent to find an apartment. I only needed to go online and do my research, and I would save money in the process while getting what I need.

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