The card access system at work is down this week for repairs

I thought it was kind of weird that my new company has everyone in the building using photo ID badges to get in and out of the facility, knowing that we all work in tedious data entry positions.

The work that we do here doesn’t involve sensitive data or personal information of clients. We take coded metadata and sort it manually to cut out a huge portion of a process that is mostly automated. I guess if you could decode the metadata there might be a small chance of a data leak, but I would put any money on it. I get so bored with the work I have to drink copious amounts of coffee to prevent myself from falling asleep at my workstation. We have security patrolling the halls throughout the day along with CCTV cameras recording at all times. I don’t know what they’re protecting in this place, but it definitely seems like the security systems are in place for a good reason. However, most of them were being switched on and off throughout the previous week during maintenance and testing. When our card access system suddenly failed one day, management got extremely worried about a potential security breach. After a few days of not working, management finally got the building’s card access system online again. I shouldn’t complain about the inconvenience because it keeps me and all of my coworkers safe from people that could wander in from the streets. I’m sure the night shift is particularly happy about this. I really hate the photo they selected for my ID card, as it feels like anything but a flattering image of my face.

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