The yellow jackets were swarming around a tree trunk.

He put on some special clothing and started spraying

I was outside hanging clothes on the line when I saw yellow jackets swarming around the tree trunk I attached my clothes line to. They seemed to come and go from a small crevice at the base of the tree trunk, and I was sure there was a yellow jacket nest in the roots. I told my husband, and he said he would go out after dark and destroy the nest, but after our experience with him getting stung by a wasp, I would not let him anywhere near the yellow jackets. My husband went online to see if there were any bee exterminators in our area and grumbling about how he could do the job. I kissed his cheek and told him to hush. I wasn’t finished abusing him yet, so I didn’t want to take any chances of losing him. All he said was ‘yeah, yeah’ and picked up his phone, but I saw his smile. Two hours later, we had an exterminator at our door. He went out to the tree where I had seen the yellow jackets. He said he had some special spray that would kill the bees and the nest. He put on some special clothing and started spraying. My husband and I stood in the living room watching as the bees came flying out of the tree roots, and he sprayed the yellow jackets as they exited. He explained there were more yellow jackets out and about, but once night came and they came back, the residue of the spray would have them gone. Within forty-eight hours, all the yellow jackets should be gone.



Yellow Jacket