They delivered the package to the wrong house

I ordered a lot of my heating and cooling products online. I used to go down to the local heating and AC supplier however they are just so busy anymore that I don’t want to have to deal with the crowds. So I have found that ordering online is much easier for myself and others to do. It’s as straight-forward as adding the Heating and A/C products that I want to the cart and paying online and having them delivered straight to my door. It’s a lazy person’s paradise. So when I ordered some new air filters I was expecting them to be delivered today. I evaluated the tracking on the package and it said that my air filter had been delivered, however when I went outside and looked there was no package on my doorstep and there was not in the mailbox either. This made myself and others scratch my head. I was confused. If it was delivered, where did it go? It should be right here. I thought maybe it was a mistake and so I waited all day however the status of the delivery had never changed. I then asked some neighbors of mine if they had seen anybody come up and mess with any packages of mine however they told myself and others no; Unsure of what to do, I decided to just wait and see if it came tomorrow and if it didn’t come tomorrow I decided I would go ahead and call the shipper and see what’s going on. I didn’t have to wait that long though a couple hours later my friend came and knocked on my door and told myself and others that they accidentally delivered my air filters to the wrong house. They had put it on her doorstep instead of mine. She knew they were air filters because it was clear on the box. She told myself and others she genuinely liked those air filters I got and said that those are the same kind that she uses. I guess the two of us have a similar taste in Heating and A/C products.

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