Are air purifiers necessary when you have a HVAC system?

It seems like things have really gone back to normal.

And I am glad that I can breathe a little easier now.

Even the government has listed most of their restrictions in an effort to return back to regular life. Of course, things will never be the same again because we have been cut deeply by the impact of the pandemic. During the early days of quarantine, I was worried about my mom because she went a bit overboard with the measures to keep herself safe. As an elderly person, I understood her concerns, but I can’t say that I agreed with everything she did. For instance, she currently owns 4 air purifiers, and all were purchased during and after quarantine. She believed that the air in her home wasn’t safe to breathe, so she purchased the air purifiers to make sure that her air was clean. I tried to explain to her that her HVAC system improves the indoor air quality, but she believed that she needed additional air purification since the A/C does not remove viruses I am not completely against getting additional air purification systems, but I believe my mom went overboard. Each unit that she purchased promised to remove more viruses and pollutants than the other. She has one unit that uses ionization technology to remove viruses from the air. The other three units use HEPA filters and claim to do the same thing. I don’t want to think that these units are a waste of money, but I am leaning more towards that. I just believe that our HVAC systems are doing a great job in keeping our indoor air quality at an optimum level.

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