Greg eats 3 pieces each morning with her coffee

Greg is a fan of natural chocolate that has maltitol and isn’t sweetened with sugar.

  • He prefers to eat it with unsalted peanuts since it has that candy bar taste without all of the sugar.

Greg buys chocolate that’s naturally sweetened and eats it with peanuts. He always says this tastes like a Snickers bar. It lacks the caramel that a Snickers has, however it really tastes fantastic and is perfect to have with a cup of black unsweetened coffee. Greg eats 3 pieces each morning with his coffee while the cooling system keeps him comfortable on a warm Summer morning. The heat and humidity rises fast in the morning and Greg always has his smart control machine set to around 71F to keep him cool as he does his work. Today, Greg plans to do some ductwork cleaning once he gets done with all of his writing work. He’s also going to attend a jam session with his mates tomorrow with his sound unit and drums. There is a cafe which lets them perform on their terrace because they tend to draw a crowd and bring people into their place to eat. Greg really enjoys playing drums and wouldn’t mind traveling around locally playing in bars and clubs in the evening and just having a fun time with his bandmates. He’d love performing in bars with good AC in the Summer since the crowds can make them quite uncomfortable without proper air conditioning.


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