I am looking forward to the colder months

I am so excited now that we’re at the tail end of Summer because it was so hot outside.

There were days where the temperature was so uncomfortable that it was impossible to be outdoors for too long.

Also, I used my air conditioner so much that I saw a huge spike in my utility bill. Thankfully, I can tell the weather is about to start changing. I noticed that it is getting darker earlier as well as the evenings are feeling cooler. This means that at night, I can turn up my thermostat higher because it’s cooler outside. Although I like the Summer because it is usually the perfect beach weather, I am beginning to like the Fall more. The weather is a lot more pleasant in the Fall, and I can take longer walks outside without feeling like my body is overheating. Additionally, the trees are extremely beautiful when they begin to change. While Fall is great, I will still need to use my air conditioning. Of course, not as much as I use it in the Summer. My utility bill reduces in the later part of the year, which is actually opposite for most people. In fact, most Americans pay more to heat their homes than to keep them cool. Because I barely use my heat in the colder months, I don’t see that increase from heating my home. For this reason, I actually look forward to the colder months. Not only is the weather more beautiful outside, but I also am able to conserve more energy. And for me that’s a win, so I welcome the colder months with open arms.

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