It doesn’t have the caramel that a snickers does

This brings people into their place to eat.

Carissa gets natural chocolate that has maltitol and no sugar. She likes eating it with unsalted peanuts for that candy bar taste without adding sugar. Use chocolate that is naturally sweetened and have that with some peanuts. Clarissa swears this tastes just like a Snickers bar. It doesn’t have the caramel that a Snickers has but it’s delicious and awesome to have with black unsweetened coffee. Clarissa prefers to eat this each morning with unsweetened coffee as she wakes up with a heat pump running on a sizzling Summer day. Temperatures rise fast in the morning and Clarissa likes to have her smart control unit set to around 72F to keep her cool as she does her daily tasks online. This week Clarissa is going to do some HVAC duct cleaning once she gets done with all of her writing work. She’s also going to put together a jam session with her friends this weekend with their sound system and drums. There’s this local eatery which lets them perform on the terrace because Clarissa and her friends tend to draw a crowd. This brings people into their place to eat. She actually likes playing drums and would soon like to travel around locally playing in bars and clubs in the evenings. Clarissa loves having a fun time with her bandmates. She would prefer performing in clubs with AC in the Summer as it just gets way too sizzling in them if they lack temperature control.



ductless mini split