It’s best to keep it moderate with partying

There’s an amazing quote, from the philosopher Pindar, and it’s true that water is crucial. Carlos loved drinking the water last night when he was all heated up from playing sports in the heart of the summer. It’s amazing how awesome he felt to drink the water when he was so thirsty. It tasted almost as good as beer, haha! Carlos sounded like a big beer drinker when he said that, but he’s quite the opposite. He takes at most 3 beers on a heavy evening. Heating, Ventilation & A/C maintenance work comes early most days for Carlos and being hungover doesn’t go well with working to tune up a commercial cooling system with the customer nearby. It’s best to keep it modest when going to the bar, especially when you’re almost 50 and need caffeine to function even after ample sleep without drinking a single beer. Usually, Carlos finds himself having to crawl through extensive HVAC ducts on a big commercial work to clean them out and also patch up gaps inside the ducts. He strives to live a healthy life and does yoga 7 days a week to keep his body strong and adaptable. Carlos also exercises at the local company a couple times a week with his buddy who works with him at the Heating, Ventilation & A/C corporation. He also plays ball with his co-worker and several more people. Carlos is so blessed to have such a good buddy. Life is enjoyable and Carlos knows the future is bright.



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