My mom says that it’s just too hot at the retirement village

My mom is living at a retirement village and she says that it’s just way too hot there for her liking.

She really likes using the air conditioning in the summer and she says that she hates the fact that they don’t have zone control heating and cooling system in the retirement home where she is now.

I was pretty shocked that she decided that she wanted to move out of her house and into the retirement village in the first place because she’s always been very independent. However, my mom decided that she wanted to go live in the retirement home instead of in her own house because she just wanted to stop having to deal with all of the maintenance. She said that she was sick and tired of dealing with the yard and the landscaping and with everything that tears up inside of the house. She said that if she never has to deal with another appliance repairman or an HVAC repairman, then it will be too soon. I know that she is probably going to like it when she gets the temperature situation fixed. She called me to tell me that she needs me to bring her a window unit air conditioning system for her room. I guess she’s allowed to have that type of thing in her room if she pays a little bit extra. I am going to go out tomorrow to find a good window unit air conditioning system for her. Hopefully I will be able to get a good deal on one.
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