We prefer to eat it with unsalted peanuts

We have a natural chocolate made with maltitol and no sugar that we like to eat with unsalted peanuts.

This delivers a candy bar taste without all of the sugar.

Find some natural chocolate that’s sweet, eat it with a few peanuts and tell us if it doesn’t taste just like a Snickers bar. It lacks the caramel that a Snickers has but this combination tastes fantastic and pairs well with a cup of black unsweetened coffee. We like to eat some each morning with our root beer as we wake up with cold A/C on a hot summer time morning. It gets quite hot here fast in the morning and we like to have our smart thermostat set to around 72F to keep us cool as we do our weekly work online. Today, we’re going to do some HVAC duct cleaning once we get done with all of our writing work. We’re also going to organize a jam session with our friends this weekend with our sound system and drums. We have a local bistro which lets us perform on their terrace because we tend to draw a crowd and bring people into their locale to eat. We like playing drums and would some day like to travel around locally playing in bars and clubs at night just having a fun time with our bandmates. We would like to perform in air conditioned clubs in the summer time as it just gets way too hot in them if they don’t have any weather conditions control.

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