Had to deal with a leak and mold

Water has been leaking in the laundry room for a short while… I told the proprietor that we had a small leak and he ignored my request for a repair.

I guess he did not have the impression that it was important, however now there is mold growing in the laundry room and my children are experiencing a reaction.

I knew the humidity was going to cause mold concerns. It is the whole reason why I wanted the service staff to look at the leak 2 weeks ago. I took my kid to the health professional on Saturday, because he had a legitimately raspy cough. The health professional took one look at his throat and asked if we had mold in my dwelling. I thought about the leak in the laundry room. As soon as I got home, I contacted the service staff. I told them what my health professional said and advised it was due to the mold concerns in my dwelling. The service staff manager called about shortly after I left the voicemail. I legitimately got their attention this time. Today I had two construction crews in my dwelling working in the laundry room. One of them is working on removing the mold and the other man is working on the leak setback. By the end of the day the problem was finally fixed. It’s a shame that the only time they were anxious is when they thought I might sue them because of a mold setback. I legitimately wish I could afford to buy a dwelling of my own, but even in this area, it’s totally unaffordable for a single mother.

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