The leak caused mold issues in the residence

By the end of the whole day, the problem was finally fixed

Water has honestly been leaking in the laundry room for the past week, but I told the landlord that we had a small leak as well as he ignored my request for a repair. I believe he didn’t really believe it was crucial… Now there is mold growing in the laundry room as well as my children are having a reaction. I knew the humidity was going to cause mold growth issues. It is the whole reason why I wanted the repair staff to look at the leak 2 weeks ago. I took my child to the doctor on Tuesday, because he had a rather raspy cough. The doctor took one look at his throat as well as asked if we had mold in our residence. I thought about the leak in the laundry room, however as soon as I got home, I contacted the repair staff. I told them what my doctor said as well as recommended it was due to the mold concerns in my residence. The repair staff director called about one minute after I left the voice text. I entirely got their attention this time. This morning I had two construction crews in our residence working in the laundry room… One of them is working on removing the mold as well as the other person is working on the leak drawback. By the end of the whole day, the problem was finally fixed. It’s a shame that the only time they were distraught is when they were thinking I might sue them because of a mold setback. I really wish I could afford to buy a residence of my own, but even in this area, it’s genuinely unaffordable for a single mom.

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