The tenant put a weird window film on the windows

I own several residential and commercial properties.

One of the residential properties is rented to an older woman that has been in the house since before I bought the property.

She was living there when I made the purchase and she wanted to stay. She offered to pay market rent for the place which was only $50 more than the rent that she was paying. I did an inspection of the home and everything seemed to be fine, so I was more than happy to buy the place with a tenant that was already paying rent. About 6 months after the tenant signed the two year lease, she started to act very odd and bizarre. She only came out of the house at night and some of the neighbors in the same housing community were complaining because the grass in the front yard was overgrown. I went over to the house to mow the grass after I could not contact the resident. I made several attempts and finally I took the lawn mower over to the house. I realize that the tenant put up a weird window film on the windows. The commercial window film looked like it was installed by the lady in the house. I couldn’t remove the window film covering, because it was inside and not outside. I couldn’t see inside of the windows either, which I wasn’t very happy about. I called the woman several times and then I decided to wait outside of her home until she answered the door. We had to talk about the weird window coverings that she put up on her own and the complaints that we received from the neighbors.

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