Just Waking up and It is Almost Noon Already

Usually Mondays start out pretty slow for me as I normally play a lot of volleyball over the weekend and I am quite sore and tired. Today is no exception and I am just going to do the bare minimum with work and shopping. I need to go to two local businesses for my weekly food and do some work online. I think I spend about $300 a month on food only, unless I eat out at restaurants but normally I cook most of my meals at home. I get a burger once a week from the store beside my heating and cooling job but they only cost $4. I bet I spend about $30 a month on eating out and another $30 on buying a beer at the local convenience store each day. My HVAC boss usually joins me for a beer at sunset each day to talk about HVAC equipment and things like that. He is really into the field and loves talking about the latest equipment to hit the market. I am going to get a whole new HVAC system in my flat next year and am looking forward to a more efficient unit so my power bills are less. I’ve been paying more and more each month and am ready to get a new unit so I can save some of my hard earned cash. I also want to get HEPA filters put in all of my things at home that use filters so the air quality in my flat is better. I’ll talk to you later.



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