Local Business Sells Some of the Best Quality Foods

I am going to try and buy even more fruit and veggies, from the local business, than I have been buying to up my intake of the vitamin rich foods.

I’ve been eating a salad every single day for the past few years and want to add more produce in my diet as I head toward my 60s and beyond.

I know a lot of people who seem to get sick in their 70’s and I would like to try and avoid that as long as possible so that I can keep working in the HVAC industry. It all comes down to what you are putting in your body. My HVAC rep eats really well and he is in his early 80’s now and still as fit as a fiddle as he still works full time at the HVAC business. I want to be like him when I grow older so I am going to put more fruit and veggies in my body and see how they treat me. If I can stay healthy into my mid 80’s then that would give me 30 more years of good health and I can keep doing my HVAC system repairs for customers. I am going to get more Ashwagandha, which seems to slow down the effects of aging, as I’ve been taking it for many years and noticed its beneficial effects. I work today at the heating corp and then later my buddies and I are going to do a music jam, and I am excited because they are both really good musicians and we can make some really cool sounds together.

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