She is working at the HVAC store this month

Some Spanish people and Hellen were playing music on the beach till about 1 am last night. There were drums, guitars, keyboards, an accordion and plenty of fun singing songs. Hellen remembers them playing from 8pm to 1 am. She spent the time drumming after playing lots of beach netball. This explains why when Hellen woke up her whole body was hurting. The worst was her shoulders as they took the brunt of the playing. Helle is finally working at the HVAC provider this week, but it should be an easy afternoon since they are closed for inventory. She will just be in the back room doing some inventory on the current HVAC device that came in and checking that they got everything they ordered. Hellen intends to work all week in the back room with inventory and then she will be in the main room doing some organizing and cleaning. There will be few people working there this week; herself, an HVAC repairman working on some heat pumps, and the store manager doing stuff on the iPad and cellphone. They’re awesome buddies and Hellen will truly go to supper at some point in the restaurant next to the shop. After work she is going to meet a friend to help train her in weights. Hellen intends to just assist her this week as her whole body feels so sore. Tomorrow the local company is having a sale on fruits so she’ll be there early.

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