The original HVAC system went for 25 years

Mark has been in this rental home since mid June.

This was the designated landing spot once he finally got out of the beach house he had spent the past 30 years in.

Well, not quite 30 years but close. Still, just the fact that the original HVAC system went 25 years without a hitch was remarkable. Mark loved that beach house and it wasn’t easy to walk away from. But the fact that it was just too much beach house without the kids living there. And the vastness of that empty beach house just drove home the fact that it was time for Mark to turn the page. When you’re a parent for so long, it’s not easy to flip over to a focus on just your life and the life you lived. So Mark knew that it was time to give up the family home. Ironically, it was the HVAC system that was the tipping point for that move. When Mark found out that the seasoned HVAC system was not going to make it much longer, he took that as a sign to do other substitutes as well. And he decided to go with the latest in residential HVAC and HVAC technology on the advice of his realtor. It sure made the difference and Mark made a pile of money on that house. But living in this rental sure has given him motivation to own his own HVAC system again. The heating and cooling unit in this place is ancient and average. That would be one thing if it got repaired from an HVAC professional. That doesn’t happen so the heating and cooling where he is now living is really subpar.

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