They managed to bring a modern Heating and AC to their cottage

Cindy has mountain people for parents, and she wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

Her parents are as independent and free thinking as anyone Cindy has ever met.

They raised her so well and she loves them. Cindy inherited an old working farm with a tiny little house. That cute house didn’t have anything like residential Heating and A/C but her parents did have a wood stove. Cindy’s mom even cooked on that stove. She’s truly dating herself by these descriptions. Cindy is now in her early sixties and her parents are in their 80s. So given the fact that she’s starting to slow down, she can’t imagine what her parents have been going through. Still, they just do not want to come off that mountain and Cindy has to understand that. She wanted to move them down south with her to a nice condo with enjoyable air conditioning, but her parents would not have it. Cindy lives a minute or 2 away so she can get to them. She has been looking for ways to make her parents’ life easier in whatever way she can, and Cindy finally succeeded when it came to bringing a modern Heating and A/C unit into their house. They were somewhat hesitant at first but they have also been the first to appreciate that they weren’t getting the stove lit and it was so hard. So Cindy had the local Heating and A/C company come in and install 3 ductless heat pumps. Now, her parents have all the heating they need and the wood stove is a backup. They are loving the heat pump because of the air conditioning because it gets hot even up on that mountain.

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