We had no heat because our pipes froze.

When you have a boiler system, there is heated water that flows through pipes. Air blows over the pipes, and the heat from the hot water gets forced through the baseboard units. If the water freezes in the pipes, you don’t have any heat. I would have thought the hot water from the boiler would thaw the pipes, but it depended where the pipes were located. We had a boiler system, but earlier this winter, our pipes froze. I didn’t know if the boiler hadn’t done its job, or if the pipes were frozen and unable to thaw the pipes. I called the HVAC company to look at the boiler for me. When the HVAC technician arrived, he inspected the furnace and told me we needed a new fuel nozzle. There was no fuel coming through, so it could light the flame that would heat the water. The pipes that were near the outer walls were frozen. He would need to install a new fuel nozzle, and then he had to thaw the pipes. He promised I would have heat by the end of the day, but I wasn’t so sure. If my pipes froze, I worried the HVAC technician might now thaw them. He was an excellent HVAC technician, but how many times did he deal with frozen pipes and boiler systems? I called my partner, and he told me to trust the HVAC technician. He was sure he had handled this problem before, or he wouldn’t have said he could fix it. Two hours later, the pipes were thawed and I could hear the water heating in the tank.
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