We wouldn't let him touch our furnace.

He calls their son to come over and do all their work.

When we moved into the neighborhood, my husband and I were looking for an HVAC company. We wanted to have the furnace inspected before winter, and we couldn’t find any information in the packet our realtor had given us. We had all the HVAC inspections done, but that was three months earlier. A lot could happen from that time until now. I was talking to the neighbor and asked if she knew which HVAC company we should call? She told me her son could do the HVAC inspection for us, but I wasn’t sure that would be right. She wasn’t much older than I was, and I couldn’t see her having a son that was old enough to be an HVAC technician. I told her I wanted a real HVAC technician, and we wouldn’t feel right letting him touch our furnace. She asked me how old I thought she was? I told her she couldn’t be much older than me, but what difference did that make? She asked how old I was, and I told her I was thirty. She laughed and told me she was old enough to be my mother, and her son wasn’t much younger than I was. He was a certified HVAC technician, and he owned the local HVAC company that serviced most of this area. She said she could send her husband over, but he was retired and didn’t want to do HVAC work anymore. He calls their son to come over and do all their work. She told me she couldn’t wait to tell her husband that I thought she was thirty. She called her son while I stood there, and he promised to stop by on his way home. He lived three doors down from us.



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