Having fun with my cooling rep friend

I made a new friend (friend zone) recently and we have been hanging out quite a bit. She is 28 years old but much more mature than I am at 55 years old. I feel like my mind is stuck at 28 years old too, but somehow she is still a lot more mature than I am. I am not a goofy joking bozo, but my mind is a lot younger than my years for some reason. I try to keep life light and always heating up, and maybe staying at 28 years old in my mind is good for my body and spirit too. Some of my HVAC tech friends who are my age, and have wives and kids, seem to act a lot older than I am. I think it is because they have a lot more responsibilities and have to be grown up most of their days because of work and kids. I’m not sure, but working at the HVAC business is still fun even though I have to work with a bunch of grown up heating techs. We have a lot of fun at work and we all try to keep it light and fun as much as we can, while still getting all of our work done during the day. I do a lot of heating device repairs and sometimes they send me out in the field to clean ductwork for customers in their homes. I will keep working for this company for a few more years and then I will go into semi retirement and work less.

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