Saving money through using a control unit

I remember growing up my parents never having a control component that controlled the temperature in their home.

There was a dial that you could turn so your a/c could come on however there was never an option where you could set a particular temperature at a particular point in the morning.

I know that anyone who has a/c or a heater installed in their dwelling by an HVAC worker should easily have a current control unit… By having a control component you can save a good amount of money in bills each month and you can also save a lot of energy as well. According to my HVAC worker you can save around 10% a year on heating and cooling just by setting your control component back between 7 degrees Fahrenheit to 10 degrees Fahrenheit from its normal setting throughout the morning. I have heard that you will save more money when you live in a more milder climate than a more serious climate. I was also told by my HVAC worker that another way to split down on costs is by turning my a/c or my heater off when I go to bed at night or by setting it at a time when I am closer to waking up. He believes that there is no sense in keeping an a/c on or the heater when one is asleep and when they are satisfied in their beds. I have been following my HVAC workers advice for the past year now and I save somewhere between five to ten dollars a month in my utility bills.


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