Staying cool with a portable air conditioner

Trying to say cool in the Summer is so hard for me! I am the type of person who needs a/c blowing right on them to cool down.

I just graduated so I still live with my parents and I cannot sit living there since our dwelling does not have central a/c… My associate and I never had a/c at all when I was growing up.

I didn’t understand the whole process of heating and cooling a dwelling until I got into high college. I used to dread coming dwelling after college to a hot and sticky dwelling where a lot of my other friends had central heating and cooling, that is the one thing that I will easily have in my house. I will hire an HVAC worker to come and install a heating and cooling system and I will not have to have my kids go through the same thing that I went through, and always being covered in sweat in my dwelling after work is just not something that I want to deal with every morning. I talked to my parents to see if there was some alternative way that I could cool my home office without always using a fan. I was told that I could. There were some portable air conditioners that I could choose from at our local hardware store. I made sure to buy a portable air conditioner that wasn’t too big in cooling size and wasn’t too small. I ended up purchasing the perfect sized portable air conditioner, however now I can spend my summer’s glad and cool with my new portable cooling device.

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