The guy didn't know I already had the price

Working in a sorority house is never absolutely fun.

The people I was with in addition to myself have been a den mother in a sorority since going to college and joining in freshman year. Being in the sorority absolutely healthy the two of us establish strong bonds and the two of us have been introduced to several great people. The two of us stayed in the sorority house and it genuinely had many ups and also Downs. The AC unit absolutely did not work very well when I was a sorority member and now it needs to be replaced. It’s been 15 years since the heating and air conditioning system was updated. I talked to a couple of different people around campus and one of the fraternity houses recently had a brand up-to-date heating, ventilation and air conditioning system installed. We needed the exact same system for our place, so I called the contractor. The contractor came out to the sorority house and I told him exactly what we needed. The quote he gave me for the price for the system was about $1,000 higher than the same system and estimate he quoted for the fraternity house. I was a little surprised and I even questioned the price. I took the problem to the owner of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning company. He was appalled by the two different estimates and agreed that it is time for some sensitivity training for all of the employees. Clearly the guys got a better price because they are dudes.


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