Saving money through using a thermostat

I remember growing up my parents never having a thermostat that controlled the temperature in their home.

There was a dial that you could turn so your air conditioning could come on but there was never an option where you could set a certain temperature at a certain point in the day. I think that anyone who has air conditioning or a furnace installed in their home by an HVAC technician should certainly have a modern thermostat. By having a thermostat you can save a decent amount of money in bills each month and you can also save a lot of energy as well. According to my HVAC technician you can save around 10% a year on heating and cooling just by setting your thermostat back between 7 degrees Fahrenheit to 10 degrees Fahrenheit from its normal setting throughout the day. I have heard that you will save more money when you live in a more milder climate than a more severe climate. I was also told by my HVAC technician that another way to cut down on costs is by turning my air conditioning or my furnace off when I go to bed at night or by setting it at a time when I’m closer to waking up. He believes that there is no sense in keeping an air conditioning system on or the furnace when one is asleep and when they are content in their beds. I have been following my HVAC technicians advice for the past year now and I save anywhere between five to ten dollars a month in my utility bills.