Getting year round comfort with HVAC heat pump

I can most certainly assure anyone that the summer in the south can be super challenging when it comes to the heat.

I am a lifelong local and I still get beat up during the four or five months of intense heat and humidity.

Yet, I still keep doing it and can’t even imagine living anywhere else on earth. At least we have the modern wonder that is the HVAC heat pump. It really changed the whole dynamic when it hit the scene all those decades ago. Truly, it was a revolutionary piece of equipment. Recently, we bought the newest and most technologically advanced heat pump we have ever had. I’m astounded by how great it does the job of keeping our home comfortable. I am in awe of the efficiency and all the utility savings it provides. We had a good HVAC unit prior to this one and it went over 2 decades before it had to be replaced. It was also the best on the market when we bought it. However, I attribute the longevity to the fact that we have always been consistent when it comes to preventive HVAC maintenance. A couple times per year, the HVAC tech comes out and does his thing to keep the heat pump in top condition. I like for it to get serviced prior to the summer workload and then again in late fall. It just makes sense to take care of such a great machine. While it doesn’t get too much work in the winter, it is more than enough to keep us warm and cozy.



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