Customer rating system – I’m going for gold

I don’t think that I’m the type of person who is normally very warm and welcoming.

  • I don’t have any issues with my fellow human beings, but I am very protected and defensive when it comes to letting people into my life.

I know that I can appear rather cold and aloof when I am going through my day-to-day business. This is why I was not very excited when my boss said that we were going to start using a customer rating system to determine our yearly bonuses. To be fair, customer service is a big part of the heating, cooling, and air quality control industry. You can’t wander into a house and repair a forced air furnace or air conditioning unit without interacting with the owner of the HVAC system to some degree. This means, you do have to foster some basic human interactive skills to succeed in the heating, cooling, and air quality control Industries. Honestly, I think that I am polite when I start discussing indoor air handling Solutions with our heating and cooling clients. I don’t feel as though I upset any of the folks looking for professional HVAC maintenance, inspection, and diagnostic services. But I still worry. I’m glad to say, so far my heating and cooling customer reviews have been very positive. I think that I have been very helpful and knowledgeable on all of my recent heating, cooling, and air quality control appointments. I better be. I’m aiming for the gold standard of HVAC customer service… Because I’m aiming for a nice bonus this year.

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