Mini split ductless heater for Christmas

I think that every human on this planet deserves to be happy, healthy, uncomfortable.

Nobody should be struggling to secure the basic amenities in life.

I don’t believe that anyone should worry about feeding themselves or their families, coming down with an illness, or missing a single paycheck. The fact that people have to live in subpar conditions absolutely breaks my heart. This is why I decided to purchase a mini split ductless heating system for my next door neighbor as an early Christmas gift this year. For the past several months my neighbor has been extremely bundled up in clothing every time I see her. She told me that her indoor air temperature control system was not working very well, so she had to wear many layers of warm clothing to stay comfortable. I asked if she had contacted the local heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership for a professional heating system inspection. Of course, she had called her HVAC technician, but she was unable to afford the repair quote that they provided for her furnace. It looked like she was going to suffer through a cold winter until she could afford a new HVAC system. That’s when I decided to buy her a new Mini Split ductless heating system. I can’t replace her entire centralized heating unit, but at least I can help her install a heating device that will keep her more comfortable for the rest of the year. Now, I just have to figure out how these mini split ductless heating installations actually work.

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