Relationship ender, low quality air

When I signed up for a dating app a few months ago I did not have very high expectations.

I definitely have not made a serious connection on any modern dating application in the past.

Therefore, I expected to have a few shallow conversations with people who I did not care about before I deleted the app and went back to being happily single again. I was beyond shocked when I actually met somebody who I had an immediate connection with. Over the phone, everything seemed absolutely perfect with this guy. The problem was, once I saw him in real life I could not get over his low quality indoor air. When I arrived at his house I was rather shocked to walk inside and feel bitterly cold. It actually seemed colder and more dank than it was outside. I definitely did not appreciate the fluctuating hot and cold patches throughout his apartment. I did not enjoy the feeling of cold air passing through his vents when the furnace was supposed to be running. And I was not a fan of the strange smell that emanated from the air duct, no matter how many air fresheners we use this. I couldn’t believe that I had found this amazing connection, only for a heating, cooling, and air quality control system to massively disappoint me. In the end, I had to break up with the guy because of his low quality indoor air. Now that I’ve learned an important lesson about heating and cooling equipment, I always mention HVAC systems on my dating profiles.

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