Don’t date your HVAC technician because you might break up

You should never date your HVAC technician, because it could really end badly for you if you end up breaking up.

I guess you can probably guess from that statement that this is exactly what happened to me! About a year or so ago, I was having some trouble with my heating and cooling system.

Every time I would adjust the thermostat, the heating or cooling system would turn on and air would come out of the heating vents, but the air would just be lukewarm. If the A/C was on, it would be the same exact temperature as if the heating was running! It was a complete mystery to me, though, since I have no idea how any of those things work. I am not what you would call a handy type of person. I immediately called up the local HVAC company that I have used in the past and I made an appointment for them to send someone over to take a look at it for me. For all I knew, it could have simply been a problem with the thermostat. Anyway, I immediately fell for the HVAC technician who showed up at my house. It was one of those love at first sight things and the two of us ended up dating for almost a year. Then he ended up cheating on me and I dumped him. However, now when I need an HVAC technician, he always seems to be the one that they send out. It’s super awkward whenever he shows up. I wouldn’t recommend dating your HVAC technician unless you want to change HVAC companies.

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