I turned the little house into an office space

When my now ex wife and I were still together, I bought a small property just east of us to surprise her with.

It was half acre land, and on the land I had a small home built, but this was going to be a big surprise for her, as she always told me that she wished to have a small property where she can have her own little home, she was never into anything big and fancy like the home we lived in, then unfortunately, the development for the little home was delayed due to a hurricane passing through and causing damage. By then, our relationship had begun to go downhill, and I ended up putting the construction on hold again. The two of us ended up splitting up a year later, without her ever knowing of my project. I didn’t have the money I had already invested to go to waste, so I thought about what I could use it for. It was after that I realized we were right next to a growing city, and there were entirely plenty of businesses looking for office space to rent. I had the little home remodelled into 4 large separate office spaces, and once it was finished I started advertising that I had business space for rent. I was right in my prediction, as I had a ton of people inquiring about the business office rentals. I was not surprised since the shop space was far away enough from the city noise, however close enough to be convenient. By the end of the month, all of the shop space for rent had been rented out.

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