Workers at our furniture business aren’t a cleaning crew

I operate a family owned furniture business. I’m the third generation and am on the verge of taking over the business. My parents are starting to give me more responsibility and it’s none too soon. I graduated from business school in order to help our family business be successful in a much tougher business landscape. I didn’t attend business classes so that I could function as the janitorial service for the furniture company. I am more than willing to assist the operations wherever necessary However, devoting my time to cleaning the building is a waste. I had a hard time convincing my parents that we needed to hire professional cleaners . They had always asked the family and workers to contribute as a sort of cleaning crew. This not only took time away from their duties, but they all hated it. Plus, everything was always kind of dirty.I I was hoping to really update our operations. Using the time and expertise of our workers much more efficiently was a big part of the plan. We have craftsmen making custom furniture. They are not skilled at floor maintenance. They don’t want to scrub the toilets. They don’t have the tools or products of a professional cleaning company. I finally insisted on contracting the work out. I hired a local commercial cleaning company. They provide nightly janitorial services that include all the essential floor maintenance. They complete both stripping and waxing. Not only is the showroom far cleaner but the staff is happier. The happier the staff, the more productive they are at their jobs. It just makes sense.

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