Getting in shape for beach honeymoon

A big question that people ask is if the couple is going to get in shape for their wedding day.

For me, I don’t care how I look on my wedding day.

My dress is so big and poofy, you won’t even see my shape. I am mainly concerned with how I am going to look on my honeymoon. My fiance and I debated on an exotic location where we could hike, eat at cute restaurants and stop at little stores. Instead, we choose to do a tropical vacation and lay on the beach like whales. I booked a place where you can step out onto the beach from the room. The food is all included at the hotel and there is a swimming pool on the rooftop. Needless to say, I will be in a swimsuit and eating more than usual on my trip. I don’t want to look like a beast in those photos. In preparation for my honeymoon I am doing a physical training class three days a week with a certified fitness expert. It is a group of 10 women that all want to lose weight and get muscle tone. I am very focused on my belly and arms. I want to cut down on the belly fat and actually look like I lift something heavier than a donut to my mouth. I have six months to get in the best shape of my life. I am trying to eat better and I work my butt off during class. Hopefully this will be enough to handle the extra calories I will eat on my trip.
Cross fit classes