No power and no heating

We lost our power about an hour ago and there is no sign of it coming back on.

You don’t realize how much you use power till it has been turned off.

Water is also an important resource and when it is gone you really can be in for a rough day. I could have easily used my phone as a hotspot but the battery was dead, imagine that. So now I am going to have to work offline till my power gets turned back on. My space heater is cooling down now and the main HVAC system is worthless. I really wish I would have charged my phone last night but I was too out of it to do so. There is still a little bit of heat coming from the radiant heater next to me but it is soon going to be cold like the rest of us in this house. I wonder why the power went off in the first place? I guess the local business next to me is being worked on by the local contractor and they probably cut a power line or something, and it could be hours till we get it turned back on again. This is fine with me because I can take my phone to a cafe and tap into their wifi for a few hours. My HVAC equipment writing work can be done offline, but using the wifi at a local business would make it a lot easier to get done. I will head down there now to the cafe and do some work there.

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