30 Years of Ballin’ and 10 Years of HVAC Industry Work

Beach ball has been a big part of my life for over 30 years now and I hope to go another 30 years till I hang it up.

  • Well, to be honest, I would love to make it another ten years as I would be 65 then.

I’m 55 now and can still hang with the good players half my age or less. My partner the other day was 20 years old and we beat the other teams, some of them being ex professional players themselves. I ran my own HVAC company in the states for ten years and spent all of the rest of my time playing ball on the beach. I’ve met so many cool people and had so many good memories from playing that it is tough to think of a life without it. My heating rep played till he was 78 years old so there is still hope for me. If I could make it 50 years in the sport that would be amazing considering I didn’t start really playing it till I was 25 years old. My dad was a heating and cooling workman and taught me the sport when I was a kid but it didn’t stick then. I needed to try other sports to know that volleyball was the best one for me. I like to play next to the local business in the sand and entertain the people while they eat and drink there. I was born to entertain and that is what I’ll do till I’m old and feeble. Life is supposed to be spent having fun.
a/c repairman