Horror Film Festival Starts in Two Days

Things are going to get a bit creepy in our town soon as the horror movie festival comes to our village. There will be movie people from all over the country bringing their horror movies for us to preview. It happens every year and I can’t wait to see some of the films in the crisp air conditioned theaters. The local businesses will get a boost in sales over the next two weeks as a lot of people come here to see the movies. One of the movie producers is renting a room from me and told me I can have tickets to any movie I want. The heating and cooling techs are all going to come along with me to watch some of the films. I don’t know how many movies they will have but I think it numbers in the 100’s so there will be a lot of scary flicks to watch with my buddies. I hope the HVAC system doesn’t freeze us out in the theaters like it did last year. I think they like to make it really cold there so people stay alert and awake. I think the horror movie itself would keep people awake with their shocks and screams. It’s actually pretty cool outside now so they may not even use any climate control in the cinemas this time. We are in the beginning of October and the weather seems to really cool down this month. This is good for me as my power bills have been a bit too high lately. My HVAC system will get a rest now.

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