I’m Going to Have a Fun Time Shopping Today

Shopping for food always seems like a drag to me but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I think if you learn to have fun doing what you are doing then you can basically make anything fun.

It at least doesn’t need to be a serious and somber event, so why not do the opposite and make it a fun event? It’s like the time I had to replace my geothermal heat pump and wasn’t feeling like doing it. I just invited my friend and HVAC contractor over and we did it together while joking around and laughing at life. I decided a while ago to enjoy life a little more because why go through life angry and sad when you can go through it having fun and laughing at the whole mess. There are basically two paths you can take to pass through life so why not take the sunny one instead of the rainy and dreary path? The local service provider set me straight one day long ago when she told me to smile a little more and complain a little less. I listened to her whole heartedly because she was always a very happy person and it made me open my eyes to how you can control your life by your thoughts. So today when I go shopping I am going to be a bit more playful and happy when I do it so that it is a more enjoyable time. I will also go check out the new quality HVAC equipment at the HVAC store to see what they have.


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