She lost all of the lights and electricity in the cabin

Storm season is the worst time of the year to have inconsistencies with the electricity.

Every year Jamie has problems with storms because of hurricanes and tropical interest.

It seems like it rains every single day in the summer. During the storm season the flooding rains are even worse. Jamie lost all of the lights and electricity in her cabin last July. She thought that the fault was due to the power being out. Everyone in her neighborhood was without power. The fault went on for a week. Jamie saw one of her neighbors outside and she made a comment about the fact that she hasn’t had power in such a long time. The guy told Jamie that the power came back on in his cabin the previous night. Jamie did not understand why she was the only person in the area that did not have power restored. She had to phone a residential electrician. There was no one else to call when Jamie realized that there was power in every other cabin on the street except ours. The residential electrician came out to the cabin to diagnose the problem. It did not take long for the guy to find the fault with the electricity. It was a self-explanatory service and something that was covered by the HOA because it did not have anything to do with Jamie’s home. The residential electrician proposed that she send the bill to the village to request reimbursement for the disfigured and faulty equipment. It was only $750, so Jamie does not think she wants to go through all that hassle.
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