Window air conditioners are all we need

My family spends the majority of time outdoors.

Today’s generation of window air conditioners are much more convenient, versatile and effective than those models of just a few years ago. A wide variety of sizes and BTUs can be found at the local home improvements store for a very reasonable price. Installation into the window can be completed in a matter of minutes. The units are lightweight, compact and yet provide powerful cooling. The top-of-the-line window air conditioners offer wireless remotes that allow adjustment of temperature and fan speed without even getting out of bed. The equipment requires nothing more than occasional cleaning of the filter and changing the batteries in the remote. I like the ability to customize the temperature in each bedroom according to preference and occupancy. We don’t run the air conditioners unless we’re crawling into bed for the night. Even on the hottest summer nights, the window unit can cool down a good sized room in a matter of minutes. The operation makes just enough noise to drown out exterior noise pollution such as traffic, early morning birds, road construction, barking dogs and neighbors. In the area where we live, the window air conditioners are the perfect solution. Our summer seasons only last a couple of months. My family spends the majority of time outdoors. The much higher investment into central air conditioning just isn’t worth it. While the smaller, portable units don’t last as long or provide comfort throughout the whole home, they are simple, temporary and reasonably priced. I can buy one of the best AC units on the market for a couple of hundred dollars.

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