Battle for office thermostat

Have you ever worked somewhere truly awful? I mean, we’ve all had bad jobs.

Everyone has taken their turn working retail or fast food, I’m sure.

Those positions leave a lasting impression. I also will never forget working at my current job, which should not be nearly as miserable as it is. You see, I work at a small craft beer brewery as a production assistant. That means, I sit in the tiny office all day and stare at a computer. Despite living in the deep south and having an extremely warm production space, I freeze the entire day. There is AC streaming down on me for every moment that I sit stagnant and punch numbers on a keyboard. My hands, feet, and nose turn red. I shiver in my seat, no matter how many sweaters I bring with me. That isn’t the worst part of the position, however. The worst part is that my coworkers purposely turn the AC this low to make me upset. Every morning, they try to beat me to the office so they can adjust the thermostat. They crank the AC down to 65 degrees and leave the room. By the time I arrive at my desk, I can practically see my breath in the air. I’ve tried to talk to everyone about raising the temperature inside when the AC is running, but no one cares. They actually seem to enjoy torturing me with the cooling system. If I ever try to nudge the air temperature control settings up a few degrees I can expect it to be even colder the next day.

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