No air conditioner makes for an overheated house

I really love my dog.

I pay close attention to my puppy’s expressions.

His barks, whines and how he holds his tail alerts me to his moods. I have been told by professional dog trainers that I shouldn’t allow my dog to sleep in bed with me, but she loves to cuddle. Having the puppy with me, comforts me. I can fall asleep quicker when she’s sleeping next to me. I can tell my dog prefers the company. She’s anxious to jump up onto the bed as soon as I put my pajamas on. A few months ago, my dog woke me up in the middle of the night. She kept turning in circles and whining. The dog couldn’t manage to get settled. I noticed that the bedroom felt way too hot and sticky. I crawled out of bed in order to check the temperature setting and saw that it was much higher than I wanted. I first replaced the batteries in the thermostat, but that made no difference whatsoever. I then replaced the air filter in the cooling system. It was completely dirty and clogged, but changing it didn’t seem to make any difference. I was unwilling to pay extra for emergency repairs, so my dog and I got stuck spending the night in overheated and sticky conditions. I unearthed an ancient box fan from the attic and plugged it in and started up. I adjusted the fan so that it pointed at the bed. The dog settled right in front of the air, so I didn’t feel much in the way of cool air. It was a really unpleasant evening. When I checked around to schedule repairs with the local HVAC companies in the area, I couldn’t find a professional who was able to provide same-day service. I ended up scheduling a repair the next day. It was another overheated night for me and the dog. It was nearly impossible to sleep until the air conditioner was repaired and operating at max capacity again.

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