When the ductwork had issues, the electric bill did too

The owner of the property where the two of us live is an absolutely horrible and disgusting person.

When the people I was with and myself moved to the property, she was out of town and we only spoke about the place through text messages.

As soon as the two of us moved to the apartment, we found out that the AC device was absolutely not working respectfully. I tried to contact the landlord and the two of us waited three days before we received a phone call. She did not want to call the AC professional even though we tried to tell her that the electric bill was much higher than necessary. When the two of us ask the property owner for a letter stating the last time the AC device had service, she flatly refused. She would not supply either one of us with the letter. The two of us contacted the electric company as well as explained the problem. They were happy to send a heating and AC technician to perform a home consultation. They absolutely don’t perform any repairs, but the heating and air conditioning person can tell you why the bill has increased. They also have a program with education that allows you to learn how to save money from day to day. I was cheerful that the heating and air conditioning professional agreed the problem was something the owner needed to address. It made it necessary for her to pay for the AC repairs that needed to happen and the ductwork issues.

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