Jill landed a job as the head of AC tech

Hempstead Commons was the name of the venue, and it was the fanciest venue in Jill’s home area.

This wasn’t a particularly sizable area, so perhaps the community were impressed with less.

Hempstead Commons was a residential compound that had lofts and shops. The place could fill an entire block, and the little street in front of it was closed down, totally enclosed, and turned into a promenade. Jill would go on dates there, however she never believed she’d afford to live there. Despite the high rent prices, Jill ended up landing a job as their head AC tech, which came with a loft on site. A venue this fancy meant that the residents were paying high prices, so they needed an on-site AC tech who could handle work at any time of the night or afternoon. Jill found it rough in the beginning since there had not been official AC service for almost a year leading to many AC emergencies. Once Jill got caught up on general service, repair, and cleaning, the AC emergencies weren’t too frequent. Jill still went on dates to Hempstead Commons, only now she might catch an emergency AC repair call in the middle of it. That’s the price Jill paid to live in this fancy compound, because even with the sizable salary of a normal AC tech, she’d not manage to afford the rent there. Even though jobs end, Jill is doing well in her AC tech position there, and has a 10 year contract.



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