Ductless HVAC option was the way to go for my first house

Instead of more central air conditioning, I went with a ductless multi split unit

I had waited so long to finally get the keys to my own house, that I could hardly believe it when all the papers were signed and I was a homeowner. It was a proud day indeed. And I was quite ready to move out of the apartment I’d lived in since college. It was okay as far as apartments go. But the heating and cooling wasn’t exactly the highest quality HVAC equipment. Good quality heating and air is a very big deal for me. So when I finally got the keys to my new house, I was ready to tackle the HVAC equipment replacement. The house I was able to afford came with plenty of challenges to be sure. And the heating and cooling were pretty much top of the list. The old central air conditioning system just couldn’t get it done. It’d barely even come on much less stand up to the sort of heat and humidity levels we have around here. So I was prepared to replace the whole thing. But upon further inspection by the HVAC contractor, the air ducts were just shot. Since it was just me and I’d spent almost all of my savings on the downpayment, I had to stick to my renovation budget. Putting in new ductwork was definitely not on the plan. That meant that we had to pivot to another source of residential HVAC. That’s just what happened and I’m so thankful to the HVAC professionals for helping me with that. Instead of more central air conditioning, I went with a ductless multi split unit. That means I have three ductless heat pumps inside my little house. And it’s just wonderful quality heating and air.
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